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Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a challenge that 1 in 9 Americans face at some point throughout the year. This includes an estimated 119,000 Montanans, 37,000 of them children. The COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly make the problem worse.

To many Americans, the face of “food insecurity” is third-world famine and starvation, something that happens in refugee camps and impoverished nations far away from a relatively prosperous place like Billings or Missoula.

The truth is, food insecurity hits much closer to home. Your neighbor could suffer from food insecurity and you would never know it.

While “hunger” is a physical sensation and “malnourishment” is a medical condition, food insecurity is an economic condition

Food Insecurity = at some point throughout the year being unable to afford or access the food necessary for yourself and your dependents to remain healthy and perform daily functions. 

There’s no one face of food insecurity. It is common among impoverished demographics, but people earning above the poverty line can miss meals too. Paradoxically, food insecurity correlates with obesity, as the body stores fat to conserve calories when meals become irregular.

In any demographic, food insecurity undermines productivity ... physical and mental health ... hope for the future.

Join REALIZE HOPE in our mission to put an end to food insecurity.