Who We Are

REALIZE HOPE was forged in the warm, healing water of the hot springs of western Montana. There, in 2020, a chance meeting between an entrepreneur and a country music singer kicked off a conversation about values. 

Our stories were different, but we had overcome obstacles to build lives of purpose. Neither of us did it alone. We had the support of families, mentors, and friends who believed in us, imparting to us confidence forged in the shadow of Big Sky and the glaciers.

As the warm water relaxed our muscles, cleared our heads, and melted away our self-involvement, we asked ourselves—how could we use the tools in our collective toolbelt to help our fellow Montanans? People suffering from mental illness, people who have to go without adequate food for themselves and their children, people struggling to find hope in tough circumstances.

Many of our fellow Montanans need a helping hand, just as we once did and will again someday.  And so REALIZE HOPE was born then and there to offer that helping hand. 

We’re doers, dedicated to finding solutions where others see only problems. We seek the good already being done and report for duty as “boots on the ground.” We brainstorm initiatives and put them into action, mindful that if we can change even one life for the better, we have walked the walk.

We are veterans and cowboys, hippies and entrepreneurs, united by the conviction that every Montanan is our neighbor, and when our neighbor is in trouble, we step up.