Who We Are

Our Mission

REALIZE HOPE takes action to alleviate the suffering of our Montana neighbors who face food insecurity and mental illness.

Mental Illness

From Bighorn Canyon to the Whitefish Range, how could anyone in Montana have a care in the world?

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Roughly 4.4% of Montanans suffered from a serious mental illness … before COVID-19. That’s one out of every 25 Montanans you know … and it isn’t always obvious. At least that was the statistic before COVID-19.

Clinical depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, dementia, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia … 

… these aren’t conditions you can just “snap out of.”

They are medical conditions linked to the chemistry of the brain. They require patience, compassion, and often medication to manage. 

Left untreated, mental illness undermines the confidence and productivity of some of the most creative and intelligent Montanans. We all suffer for lack of their contribution.  

Many people with mental illness slip through the cracks … but that’s not we do things in Montana. When we see our neighbors slipping through cracks, we catch them … and then we fill the cracks.

Join REALIZE HOPE in our mission to support and find treatment solutions for Montanans coping with mental illness.